Backflow Awareness
Saturday, September 25 2021

Location: PCR Multi-Purpose room

Backflow Awareness PCR Multi-Purpose room September 25, 2021
10 am - Noon

• This public presentation is open to everyone and we encourage people to come learn about a topic that most are unaware of. Here is a FREE opportunity!
• Local residents, homeowners, maintenance staff, engineers, processors, plant/vessel/production managers, regulatory personnel, superintendents, supervisors, etc. are all encouraged to attend.
• Come and learn about the basics of backflow, backsiphonage, cross connections, etc. People who are informed concerning these topics can help prevent contamination of drinking water, salt water and other types of fluids.
• Contamination can have a very negative impact on anyone including individuals, families, businesses, seafood production/marketing as well as the local economy.

~ For additional details contact the Water Utility at 581-1260 ext. 8700 ~

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