Ballyhoo Run

Monday, July 29 2013

Starting Line of the Ballyhoo Run (PCR Staff)

Twenty-eight men, women, and children came out on Saturday, July 20th to compete in the city’s annual Ballyhoo Run. The race was only 1.9 miles long, but it required runners to climb almost 1,600 feet to the top of the mountain. Joseph Henning made it up and down with a winning time of 33:36. Holly Holman placed first for women, with a time of 41:50. But neither managed to beat the all-time men's and women’s records set by Ben Bolock in 2010 (24:00) and Jenny Jones in 1995 (36:18). According to Holman, the uncustomary heat and lack of wind may have been what slowed runners down this year.

Cassidy Hood on Monday, August 12 2013:

Awesome! Any longer distance races in Dutch? I would like some feed back on info if any ultra distance races Unalska & Dutch. Is there any way we can get a USTAF sanctioned events? Who do i contact for creating races?


Respecfully, Cassidy Hood

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