Kayaking Film Set for Local Debut

Thursday, March 26 2015

Credit: Justine Curgenven / Cackle TV

A new documentary about a radical kayaking run through the Aleutian Islands will premiere tonight in Unalaska.

The film, called “Kayaking the Aleutians,” tells the story of a 101-day trip through turbulent waters in the Chain. Filmmaker Justine Curgenven captured the footage last summer as she traveled alongside Sarah Outen.

For the last four years, Outen has been on a journey around the world using only human-powered forms of transportation. She never intended to visit Alaska. But when a storm forced her off-course, Outen crafted a plan to paddle from Adak to Homer.

In a clip from the trailer, Outen explains the challenge that presented.

"I expect the roughest weather that I’ve ever been in in a kayak," Outen says. "And I expect that my comfort zone will be not just stretched, but exploded."

Since then, Outen's gone on to bike across the United States and Canada. The documentary has received warm reviews -- and it even took a top prize at a kayak film festival in Germany.  

"Kayaking the Aleutians" will be screened tonight at 7 p.m. at the World War II Visitors Center. To find out more about Outen and where she is in the final leg of her trip, visit www.sarahouten.com

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