Police Make Sixth Arrest Tied to Alleged Drug Sales

Monday, September 30 2013

Police seized black tar heroin last week. / Image credit: Unalaska Police

Unalaska police have arrested another man in connection to alleged sales of black tar heroin. Thirty-one-year-old Christopher Cordell was arrested this weekend and arraigned Sunday afternoon.

Cordell is being charged with a class A felony. According to court documents, Cordell rented a room at the UniSea Inn earlier this month. He allegedly let 24-year-old Michael Hindman to stay with him.

Then, last Tuesday, police officers talked to Cordell and went to his room, where they found Hindman and 16 small baggies of black tar heroin. They took Hindman into custody; he now faces four felony charges for allegedly selling heroin to a confidential informant on three separate occasions.

Four other people were arrested for offenses ranging from selling meth, to assisting in drug sales by driving Hindman to meet customers, and simple possession.

This afternoon, magistrate judge Jane Pearson approved bail for one of the accused. Jana Lekanoff faces a class A felony charge for driving Hindman to Alaska Ship Supply to sell heroin to an informant. She’s also being charged with two class C felonies for using heroin during the deal, and possessing the drug.

Pearson set bail at $5,000, and will require that Lekanoff be supervised around the clock by a third-party custodian. She approved Lekanoff’s mother as the custodian.

The district attorney took issue with that, arguing that the police found evidence that Lekanoff had been using heroin while she was living at her family’s home this summer. Pearson said she was convinced that Linda Lekanoff will fulfill her duties.

Pearson is ordering Lekanoff to stay in Unalaska. She’s not to have contact with any of the other five individuals charged with drug offenses.  

Eric Roach also had a bail hearing today, but the judge denied a request from Roach’s public defender to release him on $5,000 bail. Roach is being charged with two felonies for selling meth to an informant. He wanted to travel to Anchorage later this week for a substance abuse evaluation, but Pearson denied that request, too. Roach will stay in custody in Unalaska for the time being.

All six of the accused are due in court on Thursday for pre-indictment hearings.

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