Raider Boys Bounce Past Bristol Bay

Monday, January 19 2015

The Unalaska Raiders came out strong in their first home basketball games of the season.

The Raider boys defeated the Bristol Bay Angels in back-to-back matches on Thursday and Friday. They won by more than 40 points each time.

On Saturday, the coaches decided to switch gears. Bryan Anderson of Bristol Bay and the Raiders’ Kent Russell agreed to cancel their final game.

Instead of a competition, Russell says their players hit the court for a round of scrimmages.

"The team that had the most wins played on the main court for a box of donuts," Russell says. "It was good team-building between our kids and their kids and [kind of like] our community. It was a fun thing to do."

It was also good experience for the Raiders. The boys will travel to King Cove on Thursday, where Russell expects them to come up against some solid shooters.

"So it will be interesting to see how we match up when we go over there," Russell says. "And it’s always fun for our boys to go places like King Cove, or Sand Point or Naknek. You know, they’re pretty unique in their own ways. So it’s good for our kids to see how things go in those little communities."

The Lady Raiders traveled to Naknek this weekend to play against Bristol Bay. Read more about those results here.

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