The Exchange: Jeff Dickrell on the Battle of Dutch Harbor

Wednesday, June 06 2012

(Department of the Navy)

The Japanese attack on the Aleutian Islands is a chapter of history that's often overlooked. But the impact World War II had on Unalaska's demography, infrastructure, and economy can still be felt today.

Local teacher and historian Jeff Dickrell has studied the bombing extensively, and his book Center of the Storm features a number of first-person accounts of the battle. On this episode of The Exchange, he lays out what every Unalaskan should know about the attack. Dickrell also talks about how the evacaution of the Native Unangan people affected the region, and he identifies some interesting local sites for a historical driving tour of the community.

Keils Kitchen on Sunday, June 10 2012:

Great job Alex and Jeff! Really interesting information and insight.

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