The Exchange: Managing Marijuana in Unalaska

Wednesday, February 11 2015

City manager Chris Hladick and deputy police chief Mike Holman at KUCB's studios. (Annie Ngo/KUCB)

In just under two weeks, it’ll become legal for Alaskans over age 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. But the certainties pretty much end there. State legislators and local officials are still figuring out how to regulate the use, cultivation and commercial sale of the drug -- and they have months to go before those laws are finalized.

Still, Unalaska's deputy police chief Mike Holman and city manager Chris Hladick, who becomes the state's new commerce commissioner next month, have been doing what they can to get the city ready for the new industry.

They joined KUCB's Annie Ropeik to talk more about it and answer residents' questions. (Audio: 30 minutes)

Guests and callers:

  • Chris Hladick, city manager
  • Mike Holman, deputy police chief
  • Travis Arket, crab fisherman/marijuana businessman

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