The Exchange: Nils Andreassen on Arctic Policy

Friday, April 13 2012

The Arctic is changing rapidly. Not too long ago, scientists were saying it would take until the end of the century before the pole was ice-free in summertime. Now, some experts say that will probably happen in just a few decades.The rapid disappearance of the Arctic sea ice has profound consequences for Alaska and the rest of the far north, especially when it comes to development.

This summer is already set to be the busiest in Alaskan Arctic history, with Shell Oil expected to drill in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas and increased shipping traffic transiting the Northern Sea Route.  Is Alaska ready for development in the Arctic? What kind of policies do we have in place to ensure the people of the state benefit? 

Institute of the North Director Nils Andreassen discusses Arctic policy issues facing Alaska.

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