The Exchange: Rural Alaska and the State Budget Gap

Wednesday, February 04 2015

Bryce Edgmon in the capital in 2014. (Courtesy: Alaska Legislature)

Falling oil prices and slowing production are taking their toll on Alaska’s budget. As newly minted Gov. Bill Walker and the legislature look for ways to cut back, rural residents are worried they could lose out on vital state support.

State Rep. Bryce Edgmon, newly returned to District 37 in the Aleutians and Alaska Peninsula region, says he's not sure Alaskans -- from the rural residents he represents, to people on the road system -- realize just how severe the state's budget woes are.

In these segments, he talks about what kind of cuts could be in store, and what else he's tackling in Juneau this spring. 

  • Part 1: On possible cuts that could impact District 37, from capital projects to school funding. Click to listen.
  • Part 2: On natural gas prospects for rural Alaska, and how the state can weather a downturn in oil prices. Click to listen.
  • Part 3: On the outlook for implementing marijuana legalization in Alaska. Click to listen.

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