Aleutian Rock Art Rediscovered

Thursday, December 08 2011

A stone that was used as a garden ornament for the last fifty years may turn out to be one of the most important archaeological finds in Aleutian history, offering new insights into Unangan culture.

The stone is two and half feet wide by three feet tall and weighs more than 250 pounds.  Lifting it requires a forklift.

But the elaborate etchings that cover one entire side are delicate.  Centuries, if not millennia, of erosion have smoothed any sharp edges, leaving a maze of ridges and valleys.

Archeological Dig Finds Link Between Unalaska and Adak

Monday, November 14 2011

The Aleutian Islands are fertile grounds for archeologists, especially those looking to buck conventional wisdom.

KUCB’s Alexandra Gutierrez has this story on the Central Aleutians Upland Archeological Project.

Solo Sailor Press On Through Alaska

Tuesday, September 27 2011

It’s been over a hundred days since Matt Rutherford walked on dry land, and with any luck, it’ll be another 200 before he actually gets to. The 30-year-old Marylander is in the process of sailing around the North and South American continents. If he makes it, he’ll be the first person to do the 23,000-mile trip alone and without stopping.

KUCB's Alexandra Gutierrez has more.

Sound Portrait: An Unalaska Fourth of July

Wednesday, July 06 2011

Unalaskans spent this Independence Day marching in the parade, playing at the carnival, catching halibut, and watching fireworks. KUCB's Alexandra Gutierrez recorded this audio postcard.

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