Coast Guard rescues Unalaska man

Monday, July 03 2006

Unalaska, AK – The Coast Guard rescued a man and his dog who had spent three days adrift off the coast of Unalaska Island near Chernofski Harbor Friday afternoon.

Josh Zyelinske, 22, was drifting in his 15-foot skiff 10 miles northwest of the island after his engine was disabled by a submerged object. He happened to cross paths with the Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau on its routine patrol, a meeting that Coast Guard petty officer Eric Chandler described as incredibly lucky.

City Council approves land purchase

Friday, June 30 2006

Unalaska, AK – The Unalaska City Council approved the purchase of about twelve thousand square feet of land for a proposed new powerhouse earlier this week. The land, which belongs to the Ounalashka Corporation, is located on Amaknak Island near the site of the current powerhouse.
The vote does not mean the land purchase is a done deal, or that a new diesel generator will be built. But increased utility use has strained the capacity of Unalaska's existing powerhouse, which is about 8 megawatts.
Still, the city government hasn't decided yet how best to meet growing energy needs. It's still exploring options such as geothermal power, which some council members see as increasingly attractive as gas prices continue to rise.
The purchase approval won't be final until mayor Shirley Marquardt signs off on it.

Greenpeace visits Unalaska

Thursday, June 29 2006

Unalaska, AK – Researchers from the international environmental organization Greenpeace will visit the Bering Sea next month to study the health of the area's marine ecosystem. But the trip is also about fence-mending in a region where many locals remember the organization's protests against the Pribilof Islands' fur seal harvest in the late 1970s.

Unalaska Spends Day Assessing Damage After Storm

Tuesday, February 14 2006

Unalaska, AK – Monday morning, residents of Unalaska woke up to sustained gale force winds with hurricane force gust and rainfall. The rain, in conjunction with a sharp rise from below freezing temperatures became a disastrous combination.

Cleveland Volcano Releases Ash Plume

Monday, February 06 2006

Unalaska, AK – Cleveland Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutians, released 22,000 foot ash plume this morning.

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