Makushin Gets an Instrument Update, While Cleveland Continues to Steam

Friday, August 12 2011

A group of scientists have been out on Makushin this summer, studying the active volcano and upgrading instruments on it. Last night, some of those researchers spoke at the Museum of the Aleutians to explain what exactly they’re doing.

KUCB's Alexandra Gutierrez was there and has more on the project -- and more information on Cleveland Volcano's continued eruption.

St. Paul Celebrates Fur Seal Treaty Centennial

Wednesday, August 10 2011

Last week, the residents of St. Paul held a three-day blowout celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Northern Fur Seal Treaty, the first international agreement made over wildlife conservation.  While there was plenty of feasting and dancing, there was also concern about one big problem: The island's seals are still disappearing.

KUCB's Alexandra Gutierrez traveled to St. Paul for the festivities and to learn more about the status of the shrinking fur seal population.

Review Panel Questions NMFS' Science on Steller Sea Lions

Wednesday, July 27 2011

Last week, a scientific panel put together by the states of Alaska and Washington quietly released a draft report on the management of Steller sea lions, an issue that’s been at the center of controversy in the Aleutian region for years.

The document is a critique of the National Marine Fisheries Service 2010 biological opinion on the endangered western stock, who have continued to see their population shrink and their birth rates decline. That BiOp determined that the commercial fishing fleet was likely creating competition for food, and it led to the closures of the Atka mackerel and Pacific cod fisheries in the western Aleutians. It also resulted in an outcry from the fishing industry and litigation from the State of Alaska and others.

Alaska's Fisheries Healthy According to New Stock Report

Thursday, July 14 2011

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their annual stock assessment report today. While the East Coast continues to struggle with overfishing, commercial stocks in the Pacific Ocean remain abundant and healthy overall.

Alaska’s stocks seem to be in particularly good shape by comparison. NOAA lists 40 stocks as subject to overfishing, and not one of those is in Alaska waters. Only three stocks in the Pacific Ocean are being harvested in excess right now, all tuna species.

NASA Returns to Arctic to Study Sea Ice Decline

Monday, June 27 2011

NASA may be shutting down its manned space flight program, but it’s increasing its presence in a place that’s almost as foreign to most humans – the Arctic.

KUCB’s Alexandra Gutierrez reports that the agency is wrapping up its first oceanographic mission, ICESCAPE.

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