The Exchange: A New Account of Shell's Arctic Exploits

Wednesday, January 21 2015

(Credit: Deca Stories)

In this segment, journalist McKenzie Funk discusses "Of Ice and Men," his new eBook on Shell Oil's Arctic drilling ambitions. 

The Exchange: Fish, Fuel Drive Unalaska's Budget Outlook

Wednesday, January 21 2015

Courtesy of City of Unalaska

In this segment, natural resource analyst Frank Kelty and finance director Patricia Soule discuss the impact that falling oil and fish prices will have on Unalaska's municipal budget. 

Begich Angles for Investment in Western Alaska

Monday, November 03 2014

Courtesy of U.S. Congress

In this Q&A, Democrat U.S. Senator Mark Begich says his reelection campaign's focused on rural Alaska: "For a healthy state, you need both urban and rural working together."

Sullivan Seeks Arctic Buildout Without Stressing Federal Budget

Monday, November 03 2014

Courtesy of U.S. State Dept.

In this Q&A with Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Dan Sullivan says he's "very much focused on less government, more freedom."

The Exchange: Planning Unalaska's Future

Wednesday, March 19 2014

City planning director Erin Reinders at KUCB's studios. /Credit: Lauren Rosenthal

Unalaskans know their community is on the verge of change. Increasing oil development in the Arctic could bring more industry to town. And that's something city planners want to be on top of far before it happens. They're preparing for a new comprehensive study this May on what residents want their city to look like -- what kinds of developments should be allowed, and where.

The Exchange: Handling Risk in a Crowded Bering Sea

Wednesday, March 05 2014

Dan Magone at KUCB's studios. /Credit: Lauren Rosenthal

With oil development in the Alaskan Arctic comes an influx of new vessels in the already high-traffic Bering Sea. As pipelines expand and new projects start up all around the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska, more huge tankers and other vessels are likely to generate more risk in Aleutian waters.

And that means more work for people like Dan Magone, the co-owner of Unalaska-based salvage company Resolve-Magone Marine Services. In this segment of The Exchange, he talks about how increasing vessel traffic is growing his business, and how Aleutian communities need to respond to the impacts of a burgeoning industry.

The Exchange: Booming Business in a Changing Arctic

Wednesday, March 05 2014

Unalaskans know the effects of climate change as well as anyone – take this year’s abnormally warm winter, for one. But we’re also witnesses to a different kind of impact: the lucrative business opportunities created by rising temperatures. As ice melts, companies have more access than ever to the multi-billion dollar potential of Arctic oil.

It's part a new book, “Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming,” by journalist McKenzie Funk. In this segment of The Exchange, he talks about how the world is reacting to climate change, and how changes in the Arctic could leave a major mark on Unalaska.

The Exchange: A New Narrative of WWII in the Aleutians

Thursday, February 06 2014

Courtesy of Brian Payton

The battle for the Aleutian Islands during World War II has barely made it into the history books. But now, it's the subject of a new novel. "The Wind is Not a River" tells the story of a war correspondent who becomes stranded on the Japanese-held island of Attu, and his wife's efforts to find him in the sweeping Alaska Territory.

In this segment of "The Exchange," author Brian Payton walks through the historical research -- and visits to the Aleutians -- that went into his new book.

The Exchange: Rep. Herron's Arctic Agenda

Wednesday, February 05 2014

Part 1: 
Part 2: 

Money is tight in Alaska this year. The state is looking at a $2 billion budget gap, and there’s talk of pulling $3 billion from savings accounts to fill in old liabilities. But reining in spending won’t be easy.

The Legislature is weighing big investments in Arctic infrastructure. And they're also reconsidering the state's role in paying for public education.

In this segment of The Exchange, Representative Bob Herron discusses those debates, and what they'll mean for the Aleutians.

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