"Bering Invaders: Who is going to show-up and what can we do about?" Discussion with Melissa Good
Friday, June 01 2018, 6 p.m.

Location: Museum of the Aleutians
Price: FREE
Contact: 907-581-5150
Age suitability: ALL AGES

we can do about it locally with Alaska Sea Grant Agent Melissa Good!

In this talk, Melissa will address the risk of non-native marine species arriving to the Bering Sea and what we can do about it now. Non-native, otherwise known as invasive, species are one of the leading global conservation concerns. With observed increases in seawater temperatures and projected increases in vessel traffic, it is predicted that cold marine regions are going to be more susceptible to the arrival and colonization of marine invasives. In order to prepare for and moderate the impacts of these changes, it is critical to have baseline information of the current species assemblages at present and to have monitoring in place to capture future changes. Becoming a Bering Invader monitoring volunteer will give local residents hands-on opportunities to establish baseline information for Unalaska Bay and monitor for the arrival of marine invasive species.

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