City Council Meeting
Tuesday, June 08 2021, 6 p.m.

Location: City Hall Council Chambers


The community is encouraged to attend meetings of the City Council:

• In person at City Hall
• Online via ZOOM (link, meeting ID & password below)
• By telephone (toll and toll free numbers, meeting ID & password below)
• Listen on KUCB TV Channel 8 or Radio Station 89.7


The Mayor and City Council value and encourage community input at meetings of the City Council. There is a time limit of 3 minutes per person, per topic. Options for public comment:

• In person
• By telephone or ZOOM - notify the City Clerk if you’d like to provide comment using ZOOM features (chat message or raise your hand); or *9 by telephone to raise your hand; or you may notify the City Clerk during regular business hours in advance of the meeting
• Written comment is accepted up to one hour before the meeting begins by email, regular mail, fax or hand delivery to the City Clerk, and will be read during the meeting; include your name

Meeting ID: 852 0397 5430 / Passcode: 977526

TELEPHONE: Meeting ID: 852 0397 5430 / Passcode: 977526

Toll Free numbers: (833) 548-0276; or (833) 548-0282; or (877) 853-5247; or (888) 788-0099
Non Toll Free numbers: (253) 215-8782; or (346) 248-7799; or (669) 900-9128

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