Community Clean-Up
Monday, May 01 2017 - Monday, May 15 2017

Unalaska is a beautiful, but winters are hard and a lot of trash accumulate on the sides of our roads and beaches. Here is your chance to take part in cleaning up some of this litter! Please contact the Community Center to let us know when and where you plan to set up so that we can keep track of the sections in town that have been cleaned. As an incentive, 18 prize tickets will be placed around town. If you find one of these tickets while cleaning up, you can redeem it at the Community Center for a prize.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The focus of this clean-up effort is litter on roadways and beaches. While all residents are welcome to take these weeks an opportunity to clean-up their properties PCR staff will not be responsible for picking up large piles of residential or industrial garbage.

*Please keep in mind that bags can only be used for Community Clean-Up activities. Garbage, wood, and metals should be divided into individual piles. Large junk items that cannot fit in trash bags will also be picked up as long as they are stored with yellow trash bags by the street.

All are encouraged to participate. Bags will be available for pickup at all PCR facilities. Max 10 bags.

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