RESCHEDULED! KUCB Radio Community Advisory Board Meeting
Wednesday, June 19 2019, noon

Location: Grand Aleutian Hotel Cape Cheerful Lounge
Contact: Lauren

You are invited to join us for a lunch meeting to review radio programming. It's a meeting of our Community Advisory Board (CAB).

UCB’s Community Advisory Board meets each year to evaluate programming and help our board of directors confirm whether or not we are fulfilling our mission as a community radio station. Our CAB is run as an informal discussion group.

What is a Community Advisory Board? A group that gets together to review radio programming and provide input on the educational and cultural needs of Unalaska. CAB participants should be interested in community radio. The Community Advisory Boards play an invaluable role for stations by acting as a conduit for information, bringing it from corners of the community that staff members might not access.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this session. Please email to RSVP, and request a meeting packet.

This meeting has been rescheduled from Monday, 6/16, to Wednesday, 6/19. Thanks for your patience!

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