The Exchange: Cora Holmes Talks Cowboy Wars

Wednesday, January 16 2013

Local author Cora Holmes is writing a new book titled “Alaska’s Wild West.” From Holmes' book description:

"In October 1923, two companies, Aleutian Livestock Company and Western Livestock Company, each unloaded 1000 sheep in Chernofski Harbor and started a range war that lasted decades and spread across two islands.  This conflict eventually ended in bankruptcy for both companies and three more reasonable stockmen established successful sheep ranches on the chain that flourished during their lifetimes and then disappeared into the Aleutian mist as the islands entered the twentieth century of synthetic fibers and ten thousand dollar a day crew shares."

The Exchange: Senator Begich Reaffirms Commitment to Offshore Drilling

Wednesday, January 16 2013

In the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve grounding of Shell’s Kulluk drill rig, many people have questioned the company’s ability to operate safely in Alaskan waters. The incident followed on the heels of other blunders by the oil giant, including the near-grounding of the company’s other drill rig in Unalaska in July. Alaska Senator Mark Begich has been a strong proponent of Arctic offshore drilling -- some even credit him with winning White House support for the program. In this segment of The Exchange, he joins KUCB's Stephanie Joyce to discuss the Kulluk grounding and its implications for the future of offshore drilling in Alaska.

Interview: Oil Tax Reduction Remains Top Priority For Parnell

Thursday, September 13 2012

(Pipa Escalante/KUCB)

The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association Regional Wellness and Governance Conference has brought a slew of tribal and state leaders to Unalaska this week -- including Gov. Sean Parnell. While in Unalaska, the governor spoke to conference members about health care in rural communities, signed a scholarship bill at the local high school, and met with city officials at town hall.

He also stopped by the KUCB studios and chatted with KUCB's Alexandra Gutierrez about energy development and his plans for the upcoming legislative session. Topics discussed include the potential for a liquified natural gas storage facility in Unalaska, the effect of Arctic drilling on the Aleutian region, and his proposed changes to the oil tax regimes.

The Exchange: What Lessons Does the Gulf Coast Hold for Unalaska?

Thursday, June 21 2012

Oil and gas development is the Arctic is on track to happen this summer, but what does that mean in the long-term for Unalaska and the Port of Dutch Harbor? Several city councilors, the mayor, the city manager and the city planning director went to Louisiana earlier this month to find out what changes the oil industry might bring to town. On this episode of The Exchange, Councilor Dave Gregory and Mayor Shirley Marquardt discuss the trip and what they think the future might hold for Unalaska.

The Exchange: Jeff Dickrell on the Battle of Dutch Harbor

Wednesday, June 06 2012

(Department of the Navy)

The Japanese attack on the Aleutian Islands is a chapter of history that's often overlooked. But the impact World War II had on Unalaska's demography, infrastructure, and economy can still be felt today.

Local teacher and historian Jeff Dickrell has studied the bombing extensively, and his book Center of the Storm features a number of first-person accounts of the battle. On this episode of The Exchange, he lays out what every Unalaskan should know about the attack. Dickrell also talks about how the evacaution of the Native Unangan people affected the region, and he identifies some interesting local sites for a historical driving tour of the community.

The Exchange: Talking Trash with Jeff Hawley

Thursday, May 17 2012

Every May, dozens of yellow garbage bags line Unalaska’s roads. The collection is part of the city’s annual clean-up effort, where residents chip in and pick up litter that’s accumulated over the past year. On this episode of The Exchange, PCR director Jeff Hawley talks with KUCB’s Alexandra Gutierrez about the anti-litter campaign and explains how the weather has turned it into a month long project.

The Exchange: Author Clayton Hanson on His New Book About Crabbing

Thursday, May 03 2012

On this segment of The Exchange, Alaska-born writer Clayton Hanson discusses his newly released book, Ms. Remorse.

The subject should be familiar to residents of Unalaska. Ms. Remorsefocuses on friendship and adventure on the Bering Sea. The book focuses on two boys, Nick and Max, who grow up to be crab fishermen, and a considerable portion of the book is set in Unalaska.

The Exchange: Rep. Bryce Edgmon

Thursday, May 03 2012

On this episode of The Exchange, Rep. Bryce Edgmon talks about the end of the legislative session and how redistrcting is set to affect Unalaska.

The Exchange: Jeff Williams on Kasatochi Volcano

Friday, April 13 2012

Jeff Williams / Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

On August 7, 2008, Kasatochi Volcano blew up. The explosion was large, unanticipated and completely devastating to life on the tiny Aleutian island. Prior to the eruption, Kasatochi was a thriving nesting site for hundreds of thousands of seabirds, but the eruption buried the island and the nests in dozens of feet of volcanic ash, completely destroying the local ecosystem.

Now, four years later, the island is experiencing a rebirth of sorts, with plants, insects and maybe even some birds beginning to resume residence.  

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