Man Charged with Crashing Stolen Car in Pass

Wednesday, November 19 2014

The vehicle got stuck on rocks in the Pass. /Courtesy: UDPS

A man was arrested on charges of stealing a car and crashing it while intoxicated Tuesday night on Overland Drive.

Deputy police chief Mike Holman says they got the call about a crash in the Pass, above Summer Bay Lake, from a person who'd driven by. 

When they got there around 7 p.m., officers found a Subaru Outback that had been reported missing from the high school parking lot that afternoon. The driver, 33-year-old Adam Shapsnikoff, was still behind the wheel.

Fishing Boat Crewman Faces False ID, Drug Charges

Friday, November 14 2014

Beltran was working aboard the F/V Blue Ballard, pictured in Unalaska in 2013. /Credit: Ray Call

State troopers arrested a man in Unalaska this week for impersonating his brother in order to obtain a commercial fishing license -- and police wound up charging him with drug possession, too.

Thirty-eight-year-old Walter Beltran is from El Salvador. Troopers have been on the lookout for him since last year, when they got a tip from immigration officers in Las Vegas.

Former Westward Employees Jailed for Air Pollution

Friday, November 14 2014

An alleged cover-up involving air pollution at the Westward Seafoods plant in Unalaska has landed two former employees in jail.

James Hampton, 45, has been sentenced to 70 days in prison. Hampton was the engineer who used to oversee Westward’s powerhouse -- and a system for reducing nitrogen dioxide emissions from it. But a federal investigation revealed that equipment was hardly ever used between 2009 and 2011 on Hampton’s watch.

Two Charged With Mailing Drugs to Unalaska

Friday, October 24 2014

Jesse Lee, 24, is accused of sending roughly $70,000 worth of drugs from Washington State to Unalaska this month. The destination was a post office box that's registered to Lee and 30-year-old Kyle Eby.

Plea Deal Reached in Homicide Case

Wednesday, October 01 2014

A man accused of dealing a fatal blow during a brief fight outside the Harbor View Bar this spring has reached a deal with prosecutors.

Anthony Pouesi, 28, of Shelton, Wash., has pleaded guilty to a reduced murder charge in the death of 44-year-old Marlo Adams, of Yakima, Wash.

Pouesi won't be sentenced until 2015. But he's agreed to serve between one and three years in jail for negligent homicide. That's far less than the 20-year maximum sentence he was facing for his original felony manslaughter charge.

Jurors Reach Mixed Verdict in Murder Trial

Monday, September 22 2014

Jurors have delivered a verdict on the most serious charges against two men who were accused of murdering a co-worker at an Unalaska fish plant.

On Monday afternoon, the jury found Leonardo Bongolto, Jr. and Denison Soria not guilty of two counts of second-degree murder each, including one count for showing extreme disregard for human life.

The men were accused of beating Jonathan Adams to death outside the Bering Fisheries bunkhouse in 2012.

Jury Pool Convenes for Homicide Trial

Tuesday, September 02 2014

Jury selection started today in the trial of two men accused of beating their co-worker to death.

Leonardo Bongolto, Jr. and Denison Soria were processing workers at Bering Fisheries back in February 2012 when they allegedly got into a fight with Jonathan Adams. Adams, 55, was found on the steps of his bunkhouse with severe head injuries, and died the same evening.

Bongolto, now 36, and Soria, 42, are now being tried for second-degree murder. They each face a felony assault charge, and both men stand accused of tampering with physical evidence in the case. 

Tustumena Stops for Drug Search in Sand Point

Wednesday, August 13 2014

(Credit: Nancy Heise)

Sand Point police received a tip from a ferry employee while the Tustumena was still on its way into port.

Store Owners Plead Not Guilty to Drug Charges

Thursday, July 17 2014

Two local business owners accused of running a large drug operation out of their store and home have pleaded not guilty.

Tam Nguyen, age 46, and Thu McConnell, 45, operated the Dutch Harbor Asia shop for several years. They were arrested in May after police traced an alleged heroin sale to the store.

An Anchorage grand jury indicted Nguyen and McConnell on July 9. Nguyen is facing a dozen felony charges for allegedly using the business -- and the house he shared with McConnell on Biorka Drive -- to sell cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and Oxycodone. 

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